In recent times, metal roofs have become popular, and at the same time, gutters play an important role in preventing damage to the exterior and interior of your home. All the gutters are not created the same way and are not in one size for every metal roof. Choosing the right one depends on many factors that including the type of roof installed on your home. Read on the article to know how you can have gutters with a metal roof of your home.

Do You Need To Have Gutters on Metal Roof?

If your home has a metal roof, then you might be thinking of having gutters. There are chances that a metal roof will survive without a proper gutter system, and asphalt roofs can get cracks that allow moisture to enter your house. Metal roofs are designed to be water-resistant, but that does not mean gutters should not be installed. Gutters can help in protecting your house from rain, sleet, and snowfall. Without gutters, your home foundation, siding, flowerbeds, and walkway can face the risk of damage. A well maintained and properly installed gutter can work as a channel to move water away from your house to a proper drainage system.

Types Of Gutters For Metal Roofs

1. Half-Round Gutters For Metal Roofs

Half-ground gutters are traditional style and provide the perfect drainage to your house. One downside of the half-round style is their open shallow troughs are prone to clogging from debris such as leaves, sand, twigs, and pine needles. Special brackets must hold them in place since they do not rest flush against the fascia boards.

2. K-Style Gutters for Metal Roofs

K-Style gutters are heavy-duty gutters fabricated from galvanized steel or aluminum, and they look like the letter “K.” The gutter is pleasing to look at and can handle more water are best for the rainy season. More importantly, quality gutter installation contractors will use hidden hanger brackets to attach K-style gutters to the fascia boards instead of spikes or straps.

How To Attach Gutters To Metal Roof?

Gutters should not be attached to the roof but should be attached to the fascia board. The gutters are attached in this manner because rain and snow tend to slide off the metal sheet, and the system needs to be strong to handle the water flow. Metal roofs should not have a guttering system attached in the same way as a traditional roof. In a traditional roof, gutters are attached to the roof deck with metal straps or brackets. Metal roofing experts say that your roof should be designed to fit the climate of your region. Ideally, all the gutters are installed to withstand the heavy snowfalls and rainfall. Considering all these factors, the gutters must be hung about 1 to 1.5 inches and sometimes depends on the type and material of the roof.

Ready To Install Gutters?

If your house has a metal roof, then you might be thinking of installing gutters. Our metal roofing products are impact resistance and also Class A fire rating. At Metal Roof Company, we have experts with vast experience in installing gutter systems. If you are a homeowner looking for gutter installation, then you need to talk with our experts. Call us at (707)744-1721 and schedule a free in-home consultation in California.