For any home metal roof offers longevity and durability and is now used by most building owners. Metal roofs proved to be a better substitute for traditional shingles in places experiencing humid and moist climatic conditions. Unfortunately, most homeowners are staying away from metal roofs due to the high cost, and removing old shingles to put over a metal roof can be a burden for any person. Roofing contractors and professionals have a perfect solution for this problem, i.e., installing metal roofs over the traditional shingled roof. Read on the article to know how one can put shingles over a metal roof and increase the durability and life of any roof.

Sheet Or Metal Roof For Houses

For more longevity and durability, metal sheets are used as an alternative to asphalt to cover sloping roofs. At this point, getting a new roof incurs extra costs for landlords, construction agents, or homeowners. Replacing a roof would be a better choice while purchasing a new home and making interior and exterior renovation works. So professional roof contractors suggest putting a metal roof over shingles roof to reduce the cost of removing one roof material and installing the other roof material.

How To Put Shingles Over Metal Roof?

A metal roof can be installed easily over a traditional shingle roof, and you need to follow some precautions before performing the task. First, you need to check if the local authorities allow the metal roof to be installed over shingles. Metal roof has its advantages and disadvantages and contact the local professionals and discuss how the work can be completed.

Steps To Put Shingles Over A Metal Roof

If you are a homeowner with a shingle roof but desire a metal roof, you need to follow some of these steps to install a metal roof over a shingle roof. The main advantage of a metal roof is that it is very lightweight, making it perfect for installing other roof materials easily. Here are some of the considerations.

1. Ensure That Roof Is In Good Shape

Metal roof is installed by using screws, and soft or unreliable plywood of the old roof cannot support the screws. Always check to ensure that the plywood of the existing shingle roof is in good shape and does not contain any soft spots. The screws will help hold the metal sheets in place even in hurricane season.

2. Measure The Roof

The measurement of the roof will give you an idea of how much material is needed for your metal roof project. Accurate measurement of your roof is preferred to an estimate, and you must consider the chimneys, dormers, and valleys of your roof. You can take the help of a professional to get the exact measurement of the roof.

3.Applying Roofing Felt

If your old roof is wooden, the roofing felt should be added to make it as straight as possible. To prevent water damage, flashing is also installed on chimneys and dormers.

4.Time To Install the Metal Panels

While installing the metal panels, you should keep them straight and ensure that all the screws are kept in line. The screws can fasten the metal correctly, and keeping everything symmetrical makes installing other metal panels easier.

5.Install the Closure Strips

Closure strips will be useful when the metal sheets are overlayed. Closure strips will ensure that there are no water leakages due to overlapping.

6.Complete by installing Ridge Cap

Installing the Ridge cap is the final step in the whole process of installing a metal roof for your beautiful house. The ridge cap is kept on the top of the roof where the two parts of the roof meet. The ridge cap is known to prevent water leakages.

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