Metal roofs are becoming popular for most houses due to a typical metal roof’s advantages to your beautiful house. Once you have decided to have a metal roof for your home, it is tough to decide on the color for the metal used for roofing. There are numerous color choices available for your metal roof, and it is important not to get lost in the number of colors choices available. Picking up the right color makes your house stand out in the neighborhood. Changing the color of your metal roof could not be an option after installing the metal on your roof, but you can choose a metal roof that is already colored. Read the article to know more about the custom metal roofing colors available for your house.

Tips For Choosing The Best Custom Metal Roofing Colors

1. Choose The Correct Panel

Before choosing the color for your metal roof, you must decide on the style and panel you have chosen for your roof. Choosing metal panels affects the price and amount of colors used for the metal panels. Some of the panel styles available are

  • Exposed Fastener Roofing Panels
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing panels

2. Choosing The Best Paint For Panels

There are two types of paint systems for metal roofs, PVDF and Silicone-modified polyester, often referred to as SMP. PVDF is considered to be the best. SMP would be better, while polyester paint is inferior to SMP and PVDF.

  • SMP Paint System: SMP is an excellent choice but has some limitations. The colors are generally light or neutral, and rare bright or vibrant colors.
  • PVDF Paint System: The single biggest advantage PVDF has compared to SMP is holding the color integrity longer. PVDF paint will fade less when compared to an SMP paint system.

3. Choosing A Metal Roof Color

Many color choices are available today, making the decision more difficult. You have decided to install seam metal roofing, then PVDF color paint would be perfect, while for exposed fastener panels, an SMF paint finish should be preferred. However, after speaking with thousands of customers, we’ve learned important environmental factors.

4. Tools For Choosing Best Colors

As it has never been easy to select the right color for your metal roof, various tools are available to make the selection process easier. Some of the tools used for making choices are

  • Color charts: Color charts make a choice easier as one can see all the colors in one place. For example, you can see the different shades of gray or white and determine which one is more appropriate for your project. Having a side-by-side comparison of the different shades of each color is a great starting point.
  • Metal Roofing Galleries: In this tool, you have the option to look at photographs of the colors available, and most companies arrange these colors in a particular format to make a choice much easier.
  • Color Visualizers: Roofing visualizers allow you to select a specific home style or upload a photograph of your project. This can be helpful because you can compare different colors to the structure and even change the surrounding features.
  • Other tools available are Metal Color chips, Metal Color samples, and Color cards.

5. Match The Style of Home

The color chosen for your metal roofing should always be the overall style of your home. The color is always based on the elements of your house like the exterior design, the color of sliding doors, landscape, and the color of windows. As a basic rule of thumb followed, the color chosen should always complement the existing colors of your home and create a balanced look. Before selecting a particular color, take a look at the color during different times of the day and make sure that you like the color even when the sun is going down.

6. Basic Acrylic Paints

Selecting the high-quality paint for your metal roof is crucial to have a refreshing look for many years to come. As a homeowner, always ensure that the paint is treated with special acrylic resin to block the dangerous UV rays and prevent corrosion, peeling, and water infiltration. There are various color options available in acrylic paints that can be chosen to match your surrounding environment. Dark or light colors have a deep impact on the look of your house, and the color should be chosen according to the low or high, or shallow roof.


The beauty of metal roofing comes in a limitless variety of custom colors available. To achieve a sophisticated and beautiful look, you need to choose a color that creates a balanced look for your whole house. If you are a homeowner looking to install metal roof to your house, you need to take the help of a professional metal roofing company. Metal Roof Company is a professional company that fabricates and installs custom metal roof and wall systems for building exteriors and interiors. Contact us for more details.