In recent times, metal roofs are becoming popular, and most homeowners insist on installing metal roofing for their homes. Metal roof is versatile, fire-resistant, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and lightweight. The metal roof surfaces also help shed the ice quickly and are the best option for houses in cold climatic places. Even though the metal roofs are energy efficient, many homeowners hesitate to install metal roofing due to the rusting problem. Metals exposed to the harsh climatic condition often face the problem of rust. There are some solutions available to protect metals from corrosion, and corrugated metal is one of the options. Read on the article if corrugated metal roofing can rust.

Do Metal Roofs Rust?

Rust forms on metal roofs due to the chemical reaction between metal and oxygen in the atmosphere. For your metal roof to resist rusting, you need to have some special finishing applied to the roof. With advanced painting systems, finishes, and other technologies, metal roofs will withstand oxidation and rusting for most of their lifetime.

Rust Resistant Roofing

All the metals used for roofing always rust, and there are some special coatings applied to make the metals rust-resistant.

1. Protection Of Zinc

Zinc coating is always applied to metals, and the process is called galvanization. Zinc coating acts as a barrier and is also a corrosion-resistant element. The zinc metal damages itself instead of the metal beneath.

2. Additional Coatings

There are some coatings specially designed to enhance the life expectancy of a metal roof. Always have a professional apply this coating, as the incorrect or insufficient coating application can lead to rust stains.

3. Avoid Lead and Copper for Metal Roof

Lead and Copper have a short life and are always exposed to rust. Due to the high probability of corrosion, using lead roofing products, such as lead roof jacks, is not advisable for pipe penetrations.

4. Use Of Galvanized Steel

The metal panels used for the roof are often coated with some special coatings to withstand rust. Galvanized steel is a simple coating of carbon over steel to improve the rust resistance of steel. Galvanized steel also gets resin coating to give a smooth and shiny finish.

5. Weathering Steel

Weathered steel is one of the best options to reduce the effect of rust on your metal roofing. The finish is created with a coat of copper, phosphorus, and silicon designed to begin rusting once exposed to the elements. The steel gets exposed and ionized once all the upper coating is gone.

Correct Installing Is Important

Rust can also be prevented by a professional roofing contractor’s proper metal roof panels installation. Here are some of the things to be taken care of during the installation

  • Scratches should not occur on the metal panels, and if any scratches occur, they should be touched up with a sealant or paint pen.
  • Edges of the panel should be cut cleanly and crisply
  • Fasteners for the panels should be placed properly. Driving the panels in the wrong direction can lead to problems like rusting.


Metals used for roofing are available in different forms, and corrosion of these metals depends on the chemical composition and which elements they come in contact with. On an overall observation, it can be said that corrugated metal roofing can stay on your roof for many years as long as they are protected from rust. If you are a homeowner looking to take a step forward in installing metal roofing for your house, then you need to take the help of a professional metal roofing contractor. Metal Roofing Company has a team of experts who have vast experience installing metal roofs. Contact us for more details.