Metal roofs are gaining popularity because of the longevity, easy maintenance, and range of materials available. New homes are now constructed with metal roofs rather than using traditional materials for roofs. When using metal roofs, many questions arise in users’ minds, and one needs to take a roofing professional’s help while installing metal roofs for their houses. The most important thing to note in metal roofs is to know when to replace the metal roof. Read on to know how often a metal roof needs to be replaced for your house.

Signs To Show That Metal Roof Need To Be Replaced

Metal roofs are to be checked from time to time, and annual inspections are essential for lengthening the life roof’s life.

1. Holes And Leaks In Roof

As a homeowner, if you notice holes or cracks in the roof, take it for granted that it is time that the metal roof is replaced. Holes in the roof can be big enough to have sunlight enter the house, an advanced sign of roof damage. Smaller cracks on roofs will let moisture into the house and worsen over time.

2. Moisture And Water Stains

Other indications for metal roof replacements are moisture and water stains that can damage roof decking, attic, or ceiling. If your ceiling has brown or yellowish circular stains, there is probably a leak. That’s also true if you have brown or yellowish streaks on your walls. This discoloration is caused by rainwater carrying dirt or other debris that leaks through to the surface of your ceiling or walls.

3. Roof Damaged From Exterior

For exterior walls, if there are noticeable damages like cracks, rotten, missing parts, or any other damages, it is time for the metal roof to be replaced. Strange spots on the roof can indicate shoddy patch jobs done by an unreliable roofer.

4. Damaged Paint On Metal Roof

Paint on the metal roofs protects it from harsh external elements. If there are damages to the paint applied, then it should be concluded that the life span of the metal roof is decreasing. The damages could be because of falling limbs or tradespeople walking on roofs and the spilling of paints while painting the roofs.

5. Damages During Storms

During natural calamities like storms, hail, and wind, your roof can be damaged. The metal panels can be damaged due to broken tree limbs during strong winds. The limbs might cause large dents and scratches to metal panels, and the roof should be replaced before serious damage occurs to your roof.

Repair Or Replace Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are often installed for houses as they last for many years, and many problems can be addressed through repairing services. Severe damages caused by storms, excessive leaks, and other problems can be solved by repairing the metal panels. Sometimes the damages might be extensive, leading to the replacement of roofs. In the case of serious damages, the roofs should be replaced, and for this, you need to consult a metal roofing professional.

Average Life Span Of Roof Materials

There are various roof materials used for houses, and based on the material used, the life span of any roof can be calculated.

  • Shingles: Life span of 15-20 years
  • Cement Tile Roofing: Life Span of 50 years and even 100 years
  • Slate Roofing: Life Span of 100 years or longer
  • Wood Shingles: Life Span of 25 to 30 years with maintenance.
  • Wood Shakes: Life Span of 35 – 40 years
  • Metal Roofing: Aluminum or Steel lasts for 50 years, while zinc or copper lasts for 100 years


Now that you know when to replace the metal roof for your home. As a homeowner, if you are also trying to have a metal roof for your home, you need to know about the pros and cons of the metal you choose for your metal roof. If you are experiencing damages, there is a need for immediate replacement. If you are a homeowner thinking about roof replacement for your house, our professionals at Metal Roof Company are always ready to help you install a metal roof for your home. Contact us for more details.