Corrugated sheet metal is a thin metal sheet used as a roofing material. The material creates a wavy appearance and is preferred as the draining of rainwater becomes much easier. Corrugated sheets are made of aluminum steel or galvanized steel material and have ridges but also look beautiful as a roofing material. When installing a new roof for your house, it is necessary to select the best material for your roof, and corrugated material is found to be durable and lasts long. While installing corrugated metal roofing, you need to understand how the material is cut. Read on to know how to cut corrugated metal roofing to suit your needs.

How To Cut Corrugated Metal For Your Roofing?

To cut the corrugated metal roofing, you need to take proper measurements and use a wide range of tools in your workspace. Tools used for cutting include tin snips, nibblers, and circular saw to cut the panels. The area of workspace used for the process should be clean to avoid potential injury from the corrosive effects of metal dust.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Preparation

Regardless of the tools used for cutting, adequate preparation is important before starting the work. Make sure that the area has space for having the panels fixed firmly and at the same time use adjustable clamps to hold the sheets. Use protective gloves, ear protection, pants, and long sleeves during the process.

Step 2: Cutting the Panels

For cutting the panels, there are various tools used for metal cutting.

  • Tin Snips are the best and cheapest tools used for cutting. Using tin snips is as simple as using scissors for cutting. The cutting would be perfect only in the case of shortcuts and for soft metals.
  • Electric shears have powerful blades and can make better cuts than tin snips. Electric shears come in two variants, single cutting, and double cutting. If you intend to make straight cuts, you need to use single cutting shears. Double cutting electric shear will be the best option if the cutting needs minimal distortion.
  • Using Nibbler is probably the other best option for cutting panels. This tool functions by making fast punches on the material being cut, which helps create cleaner cuts. It is easy to move around a corner, making it a perfect tool for situations requiring you to make curves or holes. However, a nibbler is only perfect for specialty cuts and, as such, not a good option for straight cuts.
  • The circular saw is another important tool used for cutting panels and should be used by an experienced person. Your choice of saw blade should be abrasive or spiky and about 18 cm in size. Check the blade label before inserting it into the saw and ensure it is the right fit.
  • An angle grinder is used for cutting but is not recommended because it requires professional experience.

Step 3: Cleaning Up

After the cutting process is completed, all the dust gets accumulated and needs to be cleaned. If the rust is not cleaned properly, the roof can be damaged due to the rust, and the strips from the metal can injure people.

Safety Measures While Cutting

Even though the cutting process is simple precautionary measures should be taken to make the process safe. Some of the preventive measures

  • Proper Maintenance Of Tools
  • Picking the right tool for your job
  • Wear proper safety tools

Talk To A Professional For Metal Roofing

Even in the absence of electric tools, there are some simple tools for cutting the corrugated metal roofing sheets. While cutting the sheets, you need to take the help of a professional to make the process easier. If you are a homeowner looking to install a metal roof, you need to talk to our professionals. Contact us for more details.