As a homeowner, it is important to check everything in your house to prevent pipes from freezing in the cold climatic conditions and keep your lawn looking lush green in the hot summer. While most of the works is done on time, the roof of your house is always overlooked and barely noticed once it starts to leak. The leakages can cause heavy damage and incur a huge repair cost. The regular scheduling for inspection of roofs can help detect the damages in advance and save your money for costly repairs. Keep reading to know the importance of regular roof inspections by a professional roof contractor and how our team at Metal Roof Company can help you in roof maintenance.

What Is The Importance of Regular Inspections Of Roof?

Every person who owns a house knows the importance of a roof and wants the roof to be structurally intact for many years to come. For any roof, inspections are crucial, and regular or annual inspections of the roof can help address some of the issues that can cause serious damage to your roof. Extending the life of your house roof starts with regular inspection, and the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends the roofing inspection should be done twice a year, after cold climate and hot summer climate.

Reasons For Regular Roof Inspections

Even if your roof is sloped or steep, regular inspection is the key to detecting the roof’s problems. Here are some of the reasons for inspecting your roof at least twice a year

1. Weathering and Aging Of Roof

Any roof undergoes normal weathering and aging after some years of installation. The roof’s weathering leads to water infiltration, and openings occur. Regular inspection of the roof helps find the cracks or openings and schedule maintenance to prevent further damage.

2. Damage Due To Storms

Heavy rains, winds, and other weather events can damage the roofs, which triggers damage to roofs. The roof should be regularly inspected after heavy rainfall or winds to prevent further damage. Damages to the roof can also be caused due to trees or branches that fall over after heavy rains. Heavy damage can incur in case of improper installation of roofs.

3. Damage From Routine Maintenance

While performing the repairs to air conditioners and other systems in your house, the roof might incur damages. The damages might occur when the repair persons fail to close the access to the roof or leave refrigerant containers.

4. Leakages After Heavy Rains

An experienced professional can only diagnose the roof leakages, even how far may be the point of leakage. The Leaks cause serious problems or minor local issues to the roof.

5. Proper Drainage For House

Ensuring good drainage for the water flowing from the rooftop is crucial for regular inspection. Trash, debris, leaves, and thrown objects obstruct roof drains and create standing water conditions. Regular cleaning of roofs can help remove such obstructions and permit water to drain efficiently, reducing the likelihood of leaks.

6. Damages To Vegetation

There is a chance that vegetation grows on the roof in some areas when the roof is not regularly cleaned. Any roof gutters promote vegetation growth because of the dirt, seed, and moisture accumulation. In addition, tree branches scraping on roofs during wind can cause significant damage. The gutters should be cleaned to prevent further damage, and regular inspection is also important.

How Often Do You Need To Inspect Roof?

Roofs made of composite or asphalt or wooden shingles must be inspected every three years, and it is crucial to check that all the shingles are in good shape. The help of a true professional is needed to suspect if there are any damages to your roof. If the roof is made of tiles, the inspection can be done every five years. If the tiles are broken or discolored, do not wait for five years, make a prompt inspection and repair.

What Metal Roof Company Inspection Covers?

Our Professional inspectors will look for the following repairs to your roof.

  • Leaks, Cracks, and Rust in Roof
  • Wear and Tear of roof
  • Damages caused due to weather and harsh climates
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Damages to chimneys and gutters.

Find A Reliable Roofing Contractor

At Metal Roof Company, we handle all types of roofs from metal, asphalt, and wooden shingles. Our professionals know the importance of regular roof inspections and what issues to look for in any roof and catch the problems as early as possible. Give us a call to book a free evaluation or get more information.