Even if your property is commercial or residential, protecting your metal roofing is crucial. For any house metal roof is a smart choice, and in this winter season, ice and snow can cause a big challenge for your house. The collection of snow on a roof can produce significant sliding forces, which can cause the snow to fall suddenly. To keep your metal roof safe, it is necessary to install snow guards. Read on to know how installing snow guards on a metal roof can reduce sudden rooftop avalanches.

What Are Roof Snow Guards?

Roof snow guards are simple devices placed on the roof so that the snow or ice accumulated on the roof falls systematically and not in a sudden way. The sudden fall of snow from your roof can create devastation for your property and people moving around. Snow guards are imperative during snowfall and allow snow and ice to melt before dripping to the ground completely.

How Do Snow Guards Work?

Snowpacks are formed on roofs during the winter season due to heavy snowstorms. As the snow gets accumulated, your roof might have the ability to keep the snow for some time, but as the temperature increases, snow begins to melt. While the snow begins to melt, the earth’s gravity makes the snowfall suddenly, and the entire sheet is released, and an avalanche occurs. Roof snow guards are installed to slow the snow and prevent damage.

Snow Guard Styles

Snow guards are used to withstanding the density and compressive strength of snowpacks formed on roofs. Snow guards come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Some of the important types of snow guards are

Unitized Snow Guard: Normally, a single or multi-component snow guard is mostly used by roofing contractors. A simple bridging technique is used to limit the migration of snow from roofs to earth.

Continuous Snow Guards: These are also known as rail type or pipe style snow guards. Rail types snow guards have two components brackets and cross-members. Brackets are attached to the roof while cross-members anchor the bracelets to prevent falling snow.

Choosing the right type of guard depends on your personal preference, and either type of guard can be used for any roofing.

Choice Of Snow Guard Material

Snow guards are considered a life/safety product and therefore should have the service life and durability equivalent to the roof itself. To color match the roof material, it is recommended that the type of paint or powder coating is equivalent to the roof material in terms of fade and chalk characteristics.

Installing Snow Guards On Metal Roof

Snow guards are very important for any roof, and installation should also be done in a particular process. Here is the procedure followed for installation

  • First, fasten to the roof 2 inches screws along with washers
  • Now fasten the snow guards to the screws and make sure they are tightened properly.
  • Check and ensure that all the guards are sealed properly
  • Use snow defender for the standing seam and snow position.
  • It is always recommended to install snow guards in a staggered pattern.

Where To Place Snow Guards

For the snow guards to function properly, they should always be positioned on the lower half of your metal roof and placed in multiple or single rows.

What Is Minimum Distance Between Snow Guards?

If you are using a rail-type system, the guards should be placed 1 to 2 feet above the eave. Starting from 6 inches from the bottom of the roof, 2 snow guards should be placed evenly in a staggered pattern across the entire roof. Always keep in mind the installation instructions given by the manufacturer. To increase the life span of snow guards, attaching them manually rather than gluing them to the roof is recommended.


Installing snow guards for your metal roof is the best option to avoid avalanches that might occur after the snowfall. Picking up the right guard is essential for places where heavy snowfalls occur during the winter season. If you are a homeowner looking to install guards for your metal roofing, you need to talk to an experienced roofing contractor. Metal Roofing Company has over 30 years of experience installing roofs and snow roof guards. Contact us for more information.