Most houses were destroyed during the wildfires in and around the Pacific Northwest region. The region’s people have now learned the importance of maintaining fire safety conditions to avoid destruction. Fire in your house can start anywhere from inside or outside, and as a homeowner, you should be thinking about ways of protecting your house and the material used for your roof. Wooden and tile roofs are most common in all areas, and unfortunately, these materials do not protect your home from fire. If you are one of the homeowners thinking about installing a metal roof for your house to get fire protection, you need to know more about metal roof fire ratings that can ultimately be used for your home.

What Are Metal Roof Fire Ratings?

Series of test methods are conducted by Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Roof Coverings to give a rating to the particular metal used for roofing. The metal is always exposed to simulated fire sources originating from outside a building where the coverings are installed. The rating is also applicable to roof coverings on combustible or noncombustible decks.

The standards of fire ratings include

  • Class A roof coverings: These metals are effective against severe fire exposures
  • Class B roof coverings: These metals are effective against moderate fire exposures
  • Class C roof coverings: These metals are effective against light fire exposures

What Ratings Are Required By Codes?

Many requirements are to be satisfied by roof covering the fire classifications and are mainly dependent on the building’s type of construction and location. Some jurisdictions have imposed increased the minimum fire safety requirements due to the series of fire accidents in some locations. Most jurisdictions have made a class B rating metal roofing a minimum requirement for all types of buildings.

Advantages Of Metal Roofing

Metal roof fire ratings are among the best in the roofing industry due to the very nature of the materials used in their production. Metal roofs are truly fire-resistant. They’re manufactured to last, and they offer Class A fire protection. Metal roofs are also the best weather-resistant and keep your family safe in all seasons. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly and consist of 95% recycling materials. Some of the other benefits of metal roofs are

  • Non-combustible
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Lightweight


Metal roofs are perfect for any house and offer the best protection for your family. To have a fire-resistant roof, it is recommended to install roofing materials by standard companies. If you are a homeowner thinking about a metal roof for your house, you need to talk to an expert metal roof installing company. Our experts at Metal roof company have answers to all the questions relating to metal roof fire ratings. Contact us for more details.