During the construction of any house, owners think about the number of bedrooms, type of kitchen, a porch or not, and how many break rooms should be there. While making these decisions, the roofing is mostly overlooked, but it is one of the important decisions as the roof acts as a defense system for the home. The two most common materials used for roofs are metals and shingles, so the question arises which would be the best for your home. Read the article to know more about roofing materials and which one is better metal roof or shingles?

Metal Roof vs. Shingles

In the USA, asphalt shingles and metals are mostly used for roofing, and the common question that arises in homeowners’ minds is which one is the best? Here are some of the points that give clarity about both materials

1. Cost Of Material

When the cost of the materials is compared, asphalt is of low cost, but metal roofs are costlier. During the installation, metal roofing requires specialists, while it is easy to install shingles. Even though shingles are of low cost, they last for the short term, while metal roofs can last for more time.

2. Durability

Durable roofing must withstand extreme weather and other harsh climatic conditions for any house. Asphalt shingles absorb water, which leads to the breaking of the roof. Metal roofs are non-absorptive and are installed with screws to withstand metal movement due to temperature changes. The average life span of shingles is about 25 years, while metal roofs’ life span could be about 70 years.

3. Maintenance

Most maintenance involves penetrations through the roof with asphalt shingles where adhesives, metal flashing, and sealants are used.

4. Energy Efficiency

The main advantage of a metal roof is the energy efficiency offered by the metal materials. The metals have the unique property of retaining the heat in cold temperatures. The additional benefit of metal roofing is that there is the option of installing solar panels.

5. Increase In Resale Value

Buyers are looking to buy a house installed with a metal roof. Changing the roof of your house may be a difficult decision to make, but if you are planning to sell the house after some years, then you would be selling your house to a higher price once a metal roof is installed, while a shingle roof would not fetch much price due to low life expectancy.

6. Eco-Friendliness

Both shingles and metal roofs can be recycled, but the process of separating and recycling asphalt shingles is difficult and costlier. The scrap made from metal roofs has a high value, especially aluminum scrap.

Find A Reliable Roofing Contractor

Traditionally metal roofs are made from various materials like aluminum, zinc, copper, and galvanized metals. If you are a homeowner looking for an energy-efficient and rust-proof metal roof for your house, then you need to take the help of a professional roofing contractor. Metal Roofing Company is a reliable roofing contractor in California. Contact us for more details.