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Metal Roofing is the longest-lasting and most durable roof choice available.

Fire Safe Design


Fire Safe Design

Ask us about WUI-Compliant fire-hardened exterior envelopes.


We fabricate and install custom metal roof and wall systems.

METAL ROOF COMPANY, a divison of Architectural Metal, Inc. fabricates and installs custom metal roof and wall systems for building exteriors and interiors. We also provide aluminum composite, cement-fiber, phenolic resin and wood composite rain screen systems. We provide assistance in project design, details and project specification development.

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Custom Metal Roofing Specialists

Metal roof systems provide a distinctive look to architecture, providing a wide choice from modern to traditional. Metal roofing provides the longest-lasting and most durable roof choice available in a wide variety of styles, color, natural finishes, specialty coatings and more. Metal roofing provides energy savings, beauty, and protection that can last a lifetime as well as being a good choice for fire-safe design. Metal roofing is ideal for adapting roof mounted solar-electric and solar-thermal energy collectors that minimize leak-prone roof penetrations. Metal roofs can utilize reflective pigment technology, which results in overall home energy efficiency, and lower utility bills. In addition, all metal roofs are made from 30-60% recycled material, providing a sustainable alternative to other roofing choices.

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